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Since 1971, our promise to each and every Long Contracting customer has been, "Best Quality, Best Service, Best Price." We take your roof repair and home renovation needs very seriously. We are your #1 local resource for roofing contractors. We are the roofing experts that live right here, in your community, servicing Douglas, Cobb, Paulding, and Carroll counties!


At Long Contracting, we understand that saving money is a primary concern for our customers. That is why we offer completely free, in-your-home inspection and estimates of your projects. Whether you need a complete home remodeling estimate, roof estimate, or renovations estimates like for gutters or windows, we give you a detailed estimate of the proposed work. Not having any surprises are important to you, and they are important to us as well.

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Since 1971, Long Contracting has striven to offer the absolute best full window replacement services to the Metro Atlanta and West Georgia areas. And we think we do a pretty good job! We can perform an energy audit to see how much heat or cool air you're losing every day out of your windows and doors and then use that information to provide more efficient equipment for your home.

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Why Choose Long Contracting

Roofing in Georgia is a non-regulated industry. “No Way!!” you might think. And my response back would be “Yes, Sir!! And it gets even better or shall I say worse!!” There are more knuckleheads in the roofing business than in any other area of construction that I have ever been involved with. Couple this with the fact that 90% of home owners are unable to get on their roof to inspect what they are buying. What’s that old saying?? “Buyer Beware!!” Knowing that in the roofing industry has nobody watching, and that the customers couldn’t see what they were buying, made me think: “Hey!! I’m honest, reliable, fair, and love satisfying my customers. Maybe I should concentrate on roofing.”

Would you believe these knuckleheads will tell customers what they want to hear and not what they need to hear, and then give them some vague quote?! Well I was determined entering the roofing industry over 57 years ago to listen to my customers’ needs, determine their main concerns, properly inspect and analyze their roof and attic to understand their present condition, and then to provide them with a step-by-step detailed estimate with these three things:

  1. The best products and installation
  2. A safe and pleasant experience
  3. Fair and reasonable service

I am dying to tell you guys how I have been so successful roofing houses in metro Atlanta, but I can’t give out all my secrets. But I will give you some hints:

  1. I stay small
  2. I micro manage
  3. I love seeing my customers smile!

Here at Long Contracting, LLC we are not motivated by sales volume but rather the value of our customers. And nothing is more valuable to us than our customers falling in love with their new roof!

Give us at (678) 203-4130, we would love to meet and discuss your needs.

Doug Long